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疯狂英语单词王 word_f








[00:12.25]The boy slept with a smile on his face.




[00:23.67]His father is a factory worker.




[00:35.29]If you don't work hard,you may fail.




[00:46.18]The leaves fall in autumn.




[00:56.01]I come from a large family.




[01:06.32]Paris is a famous city.




[01:16.33]They live not far beyond the hill.




[01:27.35]We've lived on this farm for twenty years.




[01:39.45]A farmer is a person who owns and manages a farm.




[01:52.54]We can't go any farther without resting.




[02:04.81]Go to the farthest house in the village and I'll meet you there.




[02:18.89]Night was fast approaching.




[02:28.30]If you eat too much chocolate you'll get fat.




[02:40.21]My father often takes me to watch the football match.



[02:51.49]n. adj.特别喜爱的人(或物)喜爱的

[02:54.32]These books are my favourite.




[03:04.63]He gave her a red feather as a birthday gift.




[03:17.64]How many days are there in February?




[03:28.04]Can you feel the bump on my head?




[03:39.98]Christmas and Easter are Christian festivals.




[03:55.70]I have very few chocolates left.




[04:07.12]It's really a fine field of wheat.




[04:18.25]The Fifth Element is my favourite movie.




[04:32.07]Britian fought with France against Germany in the last war.




[04:48.29]Smoke filled the room.




[04:58.89]What's your favourite flim?




[05:09.11]I hope to find somewhere to live near my office.




[05:22.51]The weather forecast said it would be fine in the morning.




[05:35.05]There are five fingers on each hand.




[05:46.78]When do you finish your college course?




[05:58.01]Have you insured your house against fire?




[06:09.32]The fireplace is usually made of brick or stone.



[06:21.07]num.adv.第一 最初,首先

[06:23.79]He was one of the first people to collect picasso's paintings.




[06:37.30]We caught several fish.




[06:47.61]This dress doesn't fit me.




[06:57.52]He run 3 miles every morning,that's why he's so fit.




[07:12.01]The bird had been shot down in flight.




[07:24.81]The bathroom floor needs cleaning.


[07:31.29]I live on the ground floor of a block of flats.




[07:42.29]Flour is the powder made from grain,esp.wheat,


[07:48.17]and used for making bread,pastry,cakes.




[08:05.15]I would like my boyfriend to send me a bunch of flowers on my birthday.




[08:19.49]I can hear a plane flying overhead.




[08:32.68]One misfortune followed another.




[08:44.59]It rained on the day we arrived,but the following day was sunny.




[08:58.91]We cannot survive for long without food and drink.




[09:10.92]I usually come to school on foot.




[09:21.03]Football is quite popular all over the world now.




[09:34.93]This parcel isn't for you,it's for your sister.



[09:46.15]达,计 因为

[09:48.12]We listened eagerly,for he brought news of our families.




[10:02.91]Make the past serve the present and foreign things serve China.




[10:15.52]The foregner was eating a hamburger.




[10:25.69]Very little forest is left unexplored nowdays.




[10:38.20]I forgot to bring my key with me this morning.




[10:50.61]Old people are sometimes forgetful.




[11:01.21]Please fill in an application form.




[11:12.91]The ancient Romans founded colonies throughout Europe.




[11:26.03]The fourth day,we came to London.




[11:37.97]Wild animals in their natural state are free.




[11:51.29]A fridge is used to keep food cold.




[12:02.18]Would you like a fried chicken?




[12:11.40]A friend in need is a friend indeed.




[12:22.32]He is friendly to us all.




[12:31.96]The frisbee is a light plastic disc,shaped like a plate,


[12:37.92]thrown between players in a game.




[12:52.44]Polly sends me a postcard from Australia every month.


[13:02.18]Lucy goes to school from Monday to Friday.



[13:13.31]n.adj.前面 前面的

[13:15.69]The teacher called the boy out to the front of the calss.




[13:27.99]All this fruit has gone bad.




[13:37.69]The bacon is frying in the pan.




[13:50.28]Her eyes were full of tears.


[13:57.15]Please give full information to me.


[14:03.31]You ought not to go swimming on a full stomach.




[14:16.32]He's too fond of fun.




[14:25.65]Go to furthest house in the village and I'll meet you there.


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