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地道英语Neck and neck不相上下



Jo: Hello. You're listening to Real English from BBC Learning English. I'm Jo.

Oliver: And I'm Oliver. 大家好,我是 Oliver,地道英语和大家一起学习现代英式英语中经常出现的流行词汇和实用表达。这些用法你可能在英语课堂上听不到,但却可以让你的英语更地道。那 Jo, 今天给我们带来的新词是什么呢?

Jo: And today's expression is neck…and…neck. Neck and neck.

Oliver: 脖子和脖子,Jo,为什么我们要在节目里说脖子的事情?

Jo: Well, we use this expression in sports or in competitions. So if two people are neck and neck it means they are at the same level or in the same position.

Oliver: 啊哈,我知道了,比如说如果有两辆赛车在跑道上奔驰,而且他们不相上下,那我们就可以说这两辆车 neck and neck.

Jo: Or for example if you were watching a TV talent show and voting for your favourite singer.

Oliver: 没错儿,比如说你正在看一个电视歌唱比赛,象《超级女声》或者《快乐男声》什么的,两名选手在同一时刻获得相同的票数,那我们就可以说。

Jo: They were neck and neck.

Oliver: 这个短语在中文里的意思就是,并驾齐驱。


And the horses are coming up to the finish line. They're neck and neckneck and neck all the way. Oh and the Italian horse Mamma Mia wins the race!

Oliver: 我们听到了一个赛马评论员的声音,这个短语 neck and neck 就是从赛马比赛当中产生的,neck 指的是马头,在一些非常接近的比赛里面,裁判判断胜负的标准就是谁的马头在前!

Jo: So now you know. Well I think we should head to China Town for some lovely Chinese food Oliver. I wonder who could eat the most – me or you?

Oliver: Well I think we'd be neck and neck in that race Jo!

Jo: And that just about brings us to the end of this Real English. Don't forget you can log on to our BBC Learning English website.

Oliver: 今天的节目就到这里,下次节目再见。

Jo: Bye.

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