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地道英语In the Doghouse 失宠;倒霉



Jo: You're listening to BBC Learning English. I'm Jo and with me today is Lily.

Lily: Hello. BBC 的《地道英语》专门为大家介绍英式英语中出现的新词语,我们今天要学什么呢 Jo?

Jo: Today's expression is in I.N. the T.H.E doghouse D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E. In the dog house.

Lily: In the dog house? 在狗窝里? 这是什么意思呢?

Jo: Well if you're 'in the doghouse' it means someone is annoyed with you. The expression comes from the idea that traditionally families have dogs that live in a kennel in the garden, and when someone close to you is annoyed at you, you are figuratively speaking, sent outside to the dog's house in the garden to sleep as a punishment.

Lily: 就是说,你使某人很生气,以致你不得不在屋子外面跟自己家里的狗睡在一起,也就是说,因为做错了事,受冷落,受惩罚。我想 in the doghouse 就类似汉语中的失宠或倒霉了。

Jo: You could be in the doghouse with a friend if you turn up late to meet them. Basically anytime a close friend, or relative is annoyed with you then you can say I'm in the doghouse.

Lily: I see. In the doghouse 只适用于关系比较亲密的人,比如要好的朋友,亲戚或伴侣。 Let's have another example.


A: So how was your birthday?

B: Bit rubbish really. My boyfriend totally forgot.

A: Oooh, I bet he's in the doghouse!

B: Oh yes!

Lily: Jo, what's that you've got there?

Jo: Erm, a cup of tea… ?

Lily: And you didn't think to get me one?

Jo: Erm, actually no, sorry. I didn't think… hmm, you're mad now, aren't you? Am I in the doghouse?

Lily: Yes you are! But if you go and buy me one now I will forgive you.

Jo: OK, let's say goodbye and I'll go and get you one. That's all from Real English. See you next time.

Lily: Bye for now... now my tea Jo...

Jo: I'm going.

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