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LECTURE 15 基本动词 COME 7






LECTURE 15 基本动词 COME 7


1. come to grips with sth. **与…搏斗;(认真)对付(或处理)

解 习语;词义溯源:达到[对于(with)]某事[理解、掌握(grips)]的状态

例 What else can I do? I'll just have to come to grips with it. I lost a leg in the accident and I'll just have to learn to live my life as a crippled man. It's not going to be easy, but I have no choice.

2. come to life **苏醒;(变得)活跃;显得逼真

解 习语;词义溯源:达到追寻[生命力(life)]的状态;通常用于比喻

例 Push that button and the whole room comes to life with music, lights and moving figures of dancers. Mr. Bailey built this room himself and used to come in here when he was feeling lonely and wanted a little excitement. Now it is one of the main tourist attractions to our little town.

3. come to light **暴露,显露;成为众所周知的

解 习语;词义溯源:达到[显露、透明(light)]的状态

例 The scandal that destroyed President Richard M. Nixon took a full two years to come to light. Without the persistence of two young Washington Post reporters, it may have gone unnoticed and Nixon would have died a national hero for his part in setting the Vietnam War and reestablishing relations with China.

4. come to mind **(想法等在某人的脑海中)出现

解 习语;词义溯源:出现在[脑海中(mind)];参照cross one's mind

例 Is there anything I know about Mr. Simpson that would indicate he may be a risk to national security? Well...uh...nothing comes to mind, but, uh, if I think of anything, I'll give you a call.

5. come to nothing 〔naught〕 **失败;无结果,化为泡影;无济于事

解 习语;词义溯源:达到[无、无价值(nothing, naught)]的状态

例 I just don't want these years of trainning to come to naught. If the Committee won't allow Tae Kwon Do in next year's game, all my preparations will be in vain.


(A) come to grips with

(B) come to life

(C) came to light

(D) come to mind

(E) come to naught

1. A: I need someone who speaks Spanish to act as my interpreter at tomorrow's meeting. Does anyone in our office ______? B: No, I can't think of anyone. You'd better check with headquarters.

2. A: What a waste of time and energy!I spent six months learning Linux and now the company is switching to Windows. All that studying amounts to nothing! B: It doesn't ______. After all, you've learned a lot about computer basics. Cheer up!

3. A: My father still hasn't ______ the traumatic experiences he had in the Vietnam War. B: He's not alone. I've heard many men never learn how to live with the terrible memories.

4. A: The beach party was a little boring at first, but it got lively once the band started playing. B: Yeah, there's nothing like a good rock band to make a party ______.

5. A: When did it become known to your office that Mr. Bay was accepting bribes from crime syndicates. B: It ______ in February when an office clerk overheard a phone conversation. Once we learned of his involvement, we called the police investigators.


1. (D)

2. (E)

3. (A)

4. (B)

5. (C)


I. 1. 我还能怎么办?我必须得面对此事。我在一次事故中失去了一条腿,我必须得学会过残疾人的生活。虽然这会非常艰难,但我别无选择。

2. 按下按钮,音乐、灯光和翩翩起舞的人们会使整个房间充满活力。贝利先生亲自建造了这个房间,每当他感到孤独,希望找到一点激情的时候,他就会来到这里。现在,这里已经成为我们这个小镇的主要观光景点。

3. 毁掉理查德·M. 尼克松总统的丑闻整整两年之后才曝光。如果没有两位年轻的《华盛顿邮报》记者的坚持,没有人会注意到这件事,尼克松也将凭借他结束越南战争并且与中国建交,而被冠以国家英雄之名。

4. 我是否知道一些关于辛普森先生的事情,证明他可能对国家安全造成威胁?呃……没有想到,但是,呃,如果我想起来的话,我会给你打电话的。

5. 我不希望这么多年的训练化为泡影。如果委员会不允许在下一年的比赛中加入跆拳道,那我作的那些准备就全都白费了。

II. 1. A:明天的会议上,我需要一个会说西班牙语的人做我的翻译。我们办公室有没有合适的人?B:没有,我想不出合适的人。你最好问问总部。

2. A:真是浪费时间和精力!我花了六个月的时间来学习Linux,现在公司却改用Windows了。所有的学习都白费了!B:不会白费。毕竟你学了很多关于计算机的基础知识。加油

3. A:我爸爸还无法面对他在越南战争中的那些痛苦经历。B:不仅他这样。我听说过许多人永远无法应对这些痛苦的回忆。

4. A:最开始的时候,沙滩派对有些无聊,但是当乐队开始演奏之后,便热闹了起来。B:是,没有什么能比一个优秀的摇滚乐队更让派对充满活力了。

5. A:你们办公室什么时候得知贝先生正在接受犯罪集团的贿赂?B:二月份的时候才曝光。当时一个办公室职员偶然听到了一个电话。在得知他参与之后,我们马上打电话报了警。

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